Our Pilates Studio

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We offer a modern, fully equipped open and clean Pilates studio in beautiful Denver, CO.

Classes and Prices

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We offer a variety of Pilates sessions that run for 55 minutes. From mat workouts to chairs sessions, beginner or advanced.

Meet our Instructors

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Meet our instructors certified in Classical Pilates Method.

Quick Overview of the Pilates Classes We Offer:

Most of these classes are available in both beginner and advanced levels.

Incorporates exercises on different apparatus'. Each class, the teacher leads the students on our equipment to allow core and strength building on each apparatus. Exercises are incorporated to suit the class level, and modified for individuals with injury and limitations. This is a great class for the student who likes variety.

Pilates exercises performed on wall tower and cadillac. The instructor teaches a variety of core strength and stretching exercises on the wall units. Tower is a vital apparatus to perform pilates exercises! The instructor has the option of incorporating chair exercises, another vital apparatus, into the class as well.

This class is circuit training and will include exercises on the reformer, wall unit, chair, ladder barrel, ped o pull, and mat, to include light weights, weighted balls, and balance exercises. A great class for all you fitness buffs who would like a more athletic workout.

Booty Barre is a combination of yoga, pilates and ballet. The exercises in this class work your legs, abdominals, arms and of course your booty! This class is pretty ADVANCED and we do NOT recommend to beginners. Private sessions and many classes required prior to attending this class.

Is Pilates Right for You?

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900's. It has been used by dancers and gymnasts for decades but has really exploded on a global basis in the last 20 years. Pilates is very different than more conventional workouts that tend to be weight bearing and hard on the body's joints and tend to build short bulky muscles. Pilates elongates and strengthens, improving breathing, muscle elasticity and joint mobility. If practiced regularly, the body becomes stronger, more balanced and less susceptible to injury. A Pilates body is toned, flexible, strong and beautiful.